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Phenomenal Network changing the affiliate marketing with ICO

Europe -
Monday, July 9th, 2018
by Mezopayne

Phenomenal Network changing the affiliate
marketing with ICO

Decentralized peer to peer platform,
Phenomenal Network, announces the launch of
ICO to solve the fraudulent traffic and help
advertisers in affiliate marketing

Phenomenal Network is a new decentralized
peer to peer platform designed to enhance
faster, simpler, and more effective
transactions. The digital currency platform
has announced that it will be launching an
initial coin offering (ICO), with the aim of
changing the affiliate marketing space,
solving the fraudulent traffic and helping
advertisers to save money from cheaters,
while ensuring that publishers get value for
every penny spent.

Affiliate marketing is constantly growing,
thanks to its simplicity, ease, and
effectiveness. The growth of affiliate
marketing can be attributed to the efforts
of companies and advancements, making it
even more profitable for affiliates and
cost-effective for advertisers. However, the
industry has not been free from the
activities of fraudsters, with affiliates
using black hat techniques to drive
fraudulent traffic to ad  campaigns.

Phenomenal Network is consequently providing
a formidable solution to these problems,
with the first of its kind affiliate
blockchain-powered ecosystem offering a
safe, secured, and transparent platform that
eliminates fraud in affiliate marketing.
The Phenomenal Network Ecosystem (PNE) will
basically make it impossible to manipulate
links and traffic, enhancing scalability of
the market, and establishing a direct
connection between merchants and publishers.
A total token supply of 900 million LYM will
be distributed amongst advisors, core team,
and Phenomenal Network Marketing, with the
token sale taking 50% of the total supply.
The majority of the funds raised will be
used in developing the unique ecosystem and
its products, with half of the fund raised
targeted at this purpose.
The increasing popularity and acceptance of
affiliate marketing be overemphasized.
However, with innovations such as Phenomenal
Network, one can only imagine the reach of
the system when it becomes free of fraud and
extremely scalable.


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