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Talented New Artist on the Rise: Blake G

Central America -
Saturday, July 28th, 2018
by Andrew Scherer

Blake G is an American vocalist born in
Miami and raised by a family of individuals
with South African and Italian descent.
Although he recently re-located to Los
Angeles, his music is influenced by Miami’s
famous vibrant Latin rhythms, alongside the
sounds of his father’s hometown of South
Africa. His musical style ranges from
classic American Pop to Latin Pop. Exposure
to various ethnicities and a wide range of
diversity throughout his childhood gave
Blake the ability to entertain audiences of
different backgrounds, races, ages, and
gender. Blake is currently working on his
debut single that features 19-time Grammy-
award winning producer Emilio Estefan.
Emilio met Blake at a performance in Miami
and was impressed with his potential, the
rest is history. His hot single is set to be
released Summer 2018!
BLAKE G. is the legendary Latin King, EMILIO
ESTEFAN’s protégé. This bilingual HOT Miami
sensation is going to be the hottest singer
hitting the charts this summer when he
debuts his HIGHLY anticipated single “BE
ALONE”. BLAKE G.’s multicultural sound,
dance moves and sexy voice will have the
world dancing all year long. People can’t
help but fall in love with this sultry
singing heartthrob. Yes, music is his number
1, but beyond music, Blake enjoys working
out,  hanging out at the beach and considers
himself to be fashion forward. With a
growing You Tube audience and a reach of
over 140k Instagram followers, it is evident
that people are wanting more and more of
Blake G.
It’s not just his chestnut bedroom eyes,
beautifully sun kissed tanned skin, amazing
bouncing hair, or perfectly sketched muscles
that drive people wild. BLAKE G.’s
electrifying powerful voice and non-stop
dance moves throughout his performance took
him from performing in small club venues to
performing in front of crowds of over 100k.
Just this year, Blake has performed at
various venues, such as the Victory Cup in
Austin, Texas, Silverlake Lounge in
Hollywood, CA, San Francisco Pride and San
Diego Pride. If you blended FRANK SINATRA’S
charm, RICKY MARTIN’S sex appeal and FREDDIE
MERCURY’S diverse voice, you’d have the
birth of a NEW Star for this generation and
his name is BLAKE G. But don’t worry, you
won’t have to go out and buy a telescope to
follow this rising star. Click, follow and
subscribe to BLAKE G.’s social media links
below, where you’ll be able to find the
latest updates and EXCLUSIVE news on his
music, concerts and merchandise.
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @TheOnlyBlakeG

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