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Interview with DiF

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Sunday, January 15th, 2012
By Fddiao

Team: Hello DiF, how's your blogging

DiF: Haha, hmmm, well it's okay. Unluckily i'm not going to blogging this
following months.

Team: Really? Why?

DiF: Well, I've been working on my book
actually. I don't know what'll be the
title yet, but I'm sure the story and
the book will be a slam.

Team: About the deletion of your site,
why did  you do that?

DiF: Well, actually it's a long

Team: Okay, next question. Aside from
writing your new book, what'll you do

DiF: Uhmmm, I'm going back to blogging,
and another thing is that I'll be adding
VLOGS next time.

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So that is it, DiF's site isn't deleted
for good. Check you next time!