Saturday, October 20th, 2018
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Orlando DUI Lawyer Launches New Website at KaigelLaw.com

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2018
By Peterboehm

September 12th, 2018
Orlando, Florida— Local Orlando DUI lawyer
Chris Kaigle of the Kaigle Law Firm
announced they had re-launched their
website KaigleLaw.com with new features and
content. The goal is to make the website
more user friendly while providing vital
information. Until the re-launch, it had
been somewhat difficult to find the website
on search engines. When asked about the re-
launch a representative said “For years
KaigleLaw.com used the same law making
platform that many lawyers use for
websites. The website was the same as most,
and that meant no Google rankings or leads.
The switch to award winning IDrive Media in
Orlando will make sure that Kaigle Law Firm
will be top of Google for Orlando DUI
Lawyer searches and other criminal
defenses. The new website will help clients
find Kaigle Law, and in turn, we will be
able to help them.” Kaigel Law is excited
about the opportunity to help  people
charged with Driving under the influence
because they feel many lawyers over charge
and don’t fight for the clients. These type
of Orlando DUI lawyers usually push for
plea deals and make you do the DUI school
and stuff. At the Kaigle Law Firm, they
won’t accept a plea deal unless it’s the
last resort. The goal always is always to
fight for you aggressively. The website is
expected to make a positive impact in the
lives of those in Orlando who have been
charged with DUI and want a law firm that
will fight for them against the State
attorney. Chris Kaigle formerly worked for
the State. He knows the ins and outs of
these cases and will guide you through the
process, so you do not have to stress. Call
the Kaigle Law Firm today 407-545-6416.
Kaigel Law Firm
1521 Mount Vernon Street
Orlando, Florida 32803
Phone: (407) 545-6416
Fax: (407) 613-5952
Website: http://kaiglelaw.com/